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Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology, Rutgers University (2001)
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Viola Zentai is a cultural anthropologist with a PhD from Rutgers University in the United States. She has been the director of the Center for Policy Studies at Central European University since September 2003. Viola Zentai is engaged in research focusing on racial and gender equality, welfare debates, post-socialist economic transformation, and democratic governance and decentralization. She coordinated a recently completed collaborative research project on “Ethnic Differences in Education and Diverging Prospects for Urban Youth in an enlarged Europe (EDUMIGROM),” funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Program. She also led the Hungarian research team in “Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies (QUING)”, a 4.5 year project funded through the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission, concluded in early 2011. She acts as the Hungarian team leader of another major 4-year research initiative launched in 2011 and funded by the 7th Framework Program on “Employment 2025: How Multiple Transitions Will Affect the European Labor Market (NEUJOBS). ” She is a recurring faculty member at CEU’s Sociology and Social Anthropology Department as well as the Department of Public Policy.

Professor Zentai is active in the Hungarian women’s movement; she is the spokesperson for the NGO MONA (Foundation for the Women of Hungary) and is a member of the Expert Forum of the European Gender Institute.

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equality policies
structural fund monitoring
gender and politics
anthropology of postsocialism


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Conference Paper
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Journal Editor
Policy Brief
Working Paper
Szalai, Julia, Marcus Carson, Zuzana Kusa, Eniko Magyari-Vincze, and Violetta Zentai. Comparative Report on Educational Policies for Inclusion In EDUMIGROM Comparative Papers. Budapest: Central European University, Center for Policy Studies, 2009.