Gyermekkereskedelem Magyarországon - Az áldozat nem tesz feljelentést

The Hungarian weekly 168 Óra published an interview online and in hard copy with CPS Research Fellows Zsuzsanna Vidra and Viktoria Sebhelyi on the preliminary findings of the CONFRONT project.

Understanding Public Knowledge and Attitudes towards Trafficking in Human Beings

CPS Marie-Curie Research Fellow Kiril Sharapov published Part 1 of the research paper highlighting differences in the levels of awareness of human trafficking among the general public in Great Britain, Ukraine, and Hungary.

VIII International Conference on Migration

The VIII International Conference on Migration organized by the Migration Institute of the University of Granada will be held in Granada between 16-18 September 2015.

Let's get to Work! The Future of Labour in Europe

The first part of the book addressing the most striking research findings brought together in the context of the NEUJOBS project was published in September.

Giving us the 'Biggest Bang for the Buck' (or Not): Anti-trafficking government funding in Ukraine and the United Kingdom

CPS Research Fellow Kiril Sharapov published an article on government trafficking policies in the latest issue of the Anti-Trafficking Review.

Review of Existing Monitoring Mechanisms for the Integration of Migrants in Hungary

A national report has been published by Vera Messing and Zsuzsanna Árendás in the frame of the ASSESS research project.

'None of us could have been against consolidation in principle': A short history of market and policy failure in Central Eastern Europe

CPS Research Fellow Andrew Cartwright contributed with a chapter to the book 'Negotiating Territoriality: Spatial Dialogues between State and Tradition' published by Routledge.

Frames in Contestation. Gendering Domestic Violence Policies in Five Central and Eastern European Countries

CPS Research Fellow Andrea Krizsan together with Raluca Maria Popa published an article in the journal of Violence Against Women at SAGE Journals.

New publication: Early School Leaving in the Context of Policy-making in Hungary

A new working paper has been published by Julia Szalai and Agnes Kende in the frame of the research project.

New publication: Different Horizons: Aid, Trade and Official Development Assistance in Hungary

A new e-book titled 'Different Horizons: Aid, Trade and Official Development Assistance in Hungary' edited and authored by four CPS research fellows has been published by CEU CPS.