CPS researchers present their findings at the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency workshop

At the invitation of the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA), CPS researchers Attila Bartha and Márton Leiszen presented the main findings of the research "Official Development Assistance (ODA) and the role of the private sector as a development actor in Hungary"

ODA project: survey closure update

Early January marked the closure of the surveys sent out to the representatives of the civil society sector, the business sector and government agencies in Hungary. 

Call for Papers: Social exclusion and the challenges of inclusion

The deadline for submitting paper abstracts has been extended to February 11, 2013.

ISA's RC19 (Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy) will hold its annual academic conference at the Central European University, on 22-24 August 2013, hosted by the Center for Policy Studies (CPS).

The quality of gender equality policies: A discursive approach

A new article has been published by Andrea Krizsan (Research Fellow at CPS and adjunct faculty at DPP) and Emanuela Lombardo (Madrid Complutense University) in the European Journal of Women’s Studies.

Cars and Cashews: Consumer Culture Behind the Iron Curtain

To the West, the “Iron Curtain” meant a draping of much of Central and Eastern Europe with ideology utterly foreign to democratic and free market concepts. However, a vibrant consumer culture thrived in the region, encouraged by Soviet leader Nikita Krushchev, who believed that socialism could beat capitalism even in the drive for material wealth, traditionally considered a capitalist trait.

The Hungarian International Development Cooperation Policy to be discussed in the Hungarian Parliament in February 2013

CPS as the Hungarian partner in the project “Official Development Assistance (ODA) in the New Member States: Trade Regimes, the Private Sector and the Civil Society as Development Actors” will closely follow the forthcoming debates in the Hungarian Parliament concerning the creation of a new policy for international development cooperation. 

CPS to take part in a German Marshall Fund project

CPS has been invited to contribute to the German Marshall Fund project "Enhancing the capacity of Visegrad states, Romania and Bulgaria to act as ODA donors in the Black Sea region."

ACCEPT PLURALISM: A comparative overview of 15 European countries concerning Challenges to Tolerance in Political Life

A comparative overview report of 15 European countries concerning Challenges to Tolerance in Political Life was published within the ACCEPT PLURALISM project.

Call for application: Mundus MAPP: Erasmus Mundus Visiting Scholars in 2013-2014

The Mundus MAPP Consortium is seeking outstanding third-country scholars who are interested in contributing to the study program and strengthening academic partnerships with the Consortium.

Doctoral fellowship announcement at CEU

Call for applications for doctoral students for the study of management cultures and new work practices

NEW Application deadline: January 7, 2013